Future directions of luminescence dating of quartz

This would result in an irregular surface morphology when sediment covered dead ice is melting. Sampling and sample treatment Samples for equivalent dose determination were collected by forcing steel tubes into unconsolidated sand layers and sealing the tubes' ends with aluminum foil.

An ice marginal depositional environment is also strongly supported by sedimentary evidence settling structures, Fig. Situation before the penultimate glaciation: The Ybbs was flowing to the east which is documented by sedimentary evidence of Ybbs valley provenience in the Enns valley. Samples for determination of the environmental dose rate were taken from the direct sedimentary surroundings of the luminescence sample few centimeters radially around the sampling spot.

Small aliquot quartz BSL results showed poor luminescence properties due to low luminescence sensitivity of quartz in this area.

Buylaert JP, Murray AS, Vandenberghe D, Vriend M, De Corte F and Van den haute P, 2008.

Ybbs valley during the penultimate glaciation Pleistocene sedimentary remnants preceding the penultimate glaciation are scarce in the Ybbs valley.Feldspar contamination was additionally monitored analytically during the measuring process.The influence of cosmic radiation was calculated according to Prescott and Hutton Because of mining activity that removed the sedimentary cover, the influence of cosmic radiation in sample TOI2 had to be reconstructed by extrapolating the original burial depth using elevation data of nearby original undisturbed terrain surfaces.The light exposed ends of the luminescence sample were later discarded in the laboratory under subdued red light conditions.Potassium rich feldspar and quartz were concentrated by mineral gravity separation using LST fastfloat at a density of 2.

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