Gay dating atlanta

The Streetcar is hardly ever crowded, and it’s unbelievably clean.

The Fernbank just began a new second Fridays monthly event series called “Fernbank After Dark.” Sexy right?

If you’re lucky enough to be dating someone who loves beer as much as you do, hit ATL’s highly anticipated, brand-new brewery.

With pilsners, porters, and more, crafted by former Stone Brewing Co.

Pioneering a place in So Bu with a potential “Nu Bu” is always romantic.

And the newly opened East Pole coffee shop, which roasts and sells its own beans, is a great place to discover together, as long as you don’t mind being seen -- the place is well-lit and has tall windows, which gives it a “it’s fine if we end up in the friend zone and just become coffee buds too” kinda vibe.

You might not be able to go crazy on the cocktails (maybe get beer or something), but you should easily be able to split six or so with someone special.

But art strolls like the Castleberry Hill version are; just show up on the second Friday of the month, and you can zip through galleries like Zu Cot, Mindzai Creative and Granite Room.

Art isn’t free, as you might know if you’ve ever looked at the price tags on beautiful paintings and sculptures.

But you can pay half if you buy tickets online in advance for the upcoming February 3 event or the forthcoming months. It’s infamous for the pottery scene, which made everybody want to have a hot pottery-sculpting moment with somebody they desire.

Well, anyway, it’s up to you to buy tickets to Wonder Root’s ongoing Introduction to Ceramics class and learn hand-skills and techniques like throwing, shaping, and making something other than an ashtray.

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