Gay republican dating

What we all have in common is an understanding of shared values.These values revolve around liberty and the foundation of freedom in our country.There are dozens and dozens of other examples and both Milo and Chris have made tremendous headway in gathering gay support for Donald Trump, including the hashtag #Gaysfor Trump.These individuals should not be ignored or dismissed.People and often other gay people ask me frequently how I can support a political position that is opposed to everything I am as a person.

To appreciate liberty is to appreciate the deepest longing of the human spirit and it has been rarely enjoyed by most that have lived.Although being gay certainly influences how I view the world, I am by no means bound by it either.The reality is there is no one way of being a gay conservative.I see the role of government, judges and states as requiring the most pressing attention in order to protect liberty from well-meaning tyranny.I believe in our representative republic and I value the voting process that allows us the voice to influence and change conditions, within the bounds of the Constitution, at a local and state level. In every social issue related to gay people, I hold the same view. We can easily debate the merits of this worldview and that is all part of a healthy understanding of differing positions.

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