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Exchange Place is where Waterbury's major east-west and north-south thoroughfares intersect.

Exchange Place, the "hub" of downtown businesses since the City was incorporated, is the place where public transportation (trolleys and later buses) from Waterbury's neighborhoods converged, allowing for frequent and easy connections to other parts of town. The original Apothecary Hall at the junction of Bank and South Main Street was built in 1849 and a new one was built in 1894. The Brown Building (left), built at the corner of South Main and East Main Streets in 1930, replaced the wooden structure that had stood at the site for over 40 years.

Shoppers World sold televisions, appliances, and furniture. was Waterbury's major department store, catering to every need.

With a tradition going back to 1890 as the Reid & Hughes Co., many Waterburians have great memories of shopping trips to Howland-Hughes.

I felt a strong need to escape from this horrible place.The C Trolley transported passengers up East Main Street, Cole and Franklin Streets to the Abrigador, Washington Hill, and Hopeville neighborhoods on Baldwin Street.The Green is a parallelogram in shape, attractively ornamented and with an adjoining open space, which constitutes a centre from which North, South, East and West Main and Bank Streets radiate.Drescher's Restaurant, Waterbury's oldest restaurant, was located at 16 Harrison Avenue (aka Harrison Alley) from 1882 to 1982, when the building was moved to Leavenworth Street. Peck Carriage House on Harrison Avenue was erected in 1898 as the town's fanciest stable for businessman Peck's horses and carriages.Most of the other buildings on Harrison Avenue were demolished for a downtown urban renewal project, and the street is now a courtyard named Carriage Place accessible only from Leavenworth Street. Eventually, the elegant building was acquired by the City of Waterbury, and it served as a storage area and comfort station (public toilet) until 1976, by which time most of downtown was in the toilet.

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