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They said that I was too young to date, yet I already had two previous boyfriends. About a year into the relationship, I broke down after class one day (from the stress of dating, school and family) and Taurean calmed me down.

I think they had all these stereotypes about him but never said it outright. I told my parents about it and that's when they realized that he's a good guy, regardless of his race. Boyd: When she got upset, I told her, "I'll stick through it with you.

The very fact that you would even argue against me about the extent of our progress is evidence enough that we are concerned with acknowledging the inherent humanity and rights of all people.

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I'm doing my part to prove them wrong with their stereotypes. Now my parents love Taurean and he comes over every Sunday. To read more about these couples and their experience, click here.At first my mother-in-law felt that I wasn't fulfilling my duty like other Cambodian wives who worked but also cooked, cleaned and cared for their husband and child. As a black woman, I should be with a black man because I am the vessel of history and bringing black men into this world. Surratt: I think it has a lot to do with education and profession.I worked just as hard as Emad, so we shared chores. You don't see a lot of overt racism here, but I think systemic and institutionalized racism is absolutely there.I don't know how many times people are surprised to meet me in person and see that I'm black because they say I sound so articulate over the phone. Who: Allison Forbes, 19, and Taurean Boyd, 19, both of Syracuse.Background: Forbes is of Italian, Irish, Polish and Canadian Mohawk descent. She graduated as valedictorian and he graduated as salutatorian of Henninger High School's Class of 2008. She is majoring in biology and psychology and he is pursuing computer engineering. Challenges they've encountered: Boyd: My family was perfectly fine with us. Forbes: My dad told me that Taurean will never be anything to me except a friend and that I will never date him.

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