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At the garage where Gaskins worked part-time, he met two boys, Danny and Marsh, both close to his age and out of school.

The three teamed up and named themselves the "The Trouble Trio." The trio began burglarizing homes and picking up prostitutes in nearby cities.

Many of the men treated the young boy with disdain, sometimes beating him for just being around.

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After the beatings, Marsh and Danny left the area and Gaskins continued breaking into homes alone.He realized the only way he would survive prison was to become known as a "Power Man." Power Men were those who had a reputation as being so brutal and dangerous that others stayed away.Graduating To Power Man: Gaskins' small size would prevent him from intimidating the others into respecting him. He set his sights on one of the meanest inmates in the prison, Hazel Brazell.When he began attending school the violence he experienced at home followed him into the classrooms.He fought daily with the other boys and girls and was constantly punished by the teachers.

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