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“People say they want to find true love and have a lasting relationship—I want to get them back to what they really want.” With a warm personality that matches her unabashed optimism, Semerjian truly believes the singles game doesn’t have to be as ominous as some make it out to be.

“I want to bring dating back to the old times,” she says.

Enables young Jewish innovators from the Greater Philadelphia area to work together to launch socially minded ventures designed to bring positive change to Jewish society and the greater world.

Includes skill-building sessions and seminars teaching entrepreneurial skills and proficiencies, mentorship, and coaching from a mentor network of professionals and entrepreneurs.

And there’s nothing about what she’s doing that’s indiscreet, insincere or over-the-top.

“Main Line Match is for people committed to finding lasting, true love,” says Semerjian, who likes to call herself a “headhunter for the heart.” In just the few months she’s been in operation, Semerjian has entertained interest from all sorts of men—those who’ve never married, divorcees, widowers.

It'll save you thousands of dollars in a divorce."Other ways Jewish singles often meet"I know especially in our community, matches are often made at the Shabbat table. Right now, there is an awesome organization called, and people can go onto the website, click to have a Shabbat meal with any family, in any part of the world, and you might just end up meeting your soul mate at that table.""The Jewish tradition has delegated it to others, whether it's somebody professional or not.

When you're talking about a dating website, Saw You At Sinai is for more religious Jews, and they don't search for themselves. But something like JDate is a search engine like any other matchmaking website, and a person can go on themselves.

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A community workspace, centrally located in the heart of Center City, that is rooted in Jewish values and designed to address the needs of individuals seeking a work environment that enhances productivity as it builds community.And a matchmaker doesn't have to be somebody professional.It can be a friend or a relative or a neighbor."On getting paid for her services"Traditionally, once a match is made, a matchmaker is paid, you know, either upon engagement or marriage, depending on what the customs are, and the fees range anywhere from a thousand to several thousand dollars.""Matchmakers were always paid, and it's actually something that's in the Torah, which is the Jewish Bible, that tells us we are obligated to pay our matchmaker, whether they're professional or not professional, because it is supposed to bring you blessings in your relationship.""There's no better bargain than a really good spouse.“I want to bring back courting.” ain Line Match shouldn’t be confused with and other online dating services, which can be inclusive to a fault. Focusing on the male executive set, Semerjian meets with every member and every female suitor—and criminal background checks are mandatory.“I need to protect my clients and my business,” she says.

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