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NIAF’s e Notizie is a monthly e Newsletter which provides a quick look at events sponsored by NIAF or occurring within the greater Italian American community.

This publication is free and available to the general public. Once again, the National Italian American Foundation returned to the elegant and historic Cipriani 42nd Street for its annual New York Gala on April 10, where guests mingled between sweeping archways and golden curtains in the heart of New York’s iconic Manhattan neighborhood.

Judging from what I have read, the accident occured Near the Bull Creek bridge. If there is any good side to this tragedy it is the fact that no animals were harmed.

This is the Memorial at Riverdale Cemetery that was put up by the Kennedy circus.

Just that week I had told Leebo about a story I read in the Ledger years ago about a Civil rights worker or leader who was shot outside his office building in downtown Columbus in the Fifties. Many of the streets in Columbus were made of rock that was quarried here. It was almost like I was really seeing it for the first time. It is so hard to believe this was originally a worn out cotton field. Boogerville was a small area, but there were many houses there.

When we pulled up to the marker and I saw the name on it, it was like fate. COLUMBUS TIME CAPSULE I just found this down on the Riverwalk. Going back this time brought back so many memories and has created new ones. But it was fun keeping Mom in line by threatening to request Roll Out the Barrell! Not much is left of Boogerville, it looks to be mostly industrial now.

There is a short docmentary, Suzie is also in that.

She is the last little girl in the film, she is shown holding a turkey leg. By the way, the woman holding the picture is Little Suzie, all grown up.

He asked me if I knew what that was and I told him no. CALLAWAY GARDENS It's funny how you just take some things for granted.

The information in this gallery has been obtained from law enforcement officials in Colorado.

Not everyone who appears here has been convicted of a crime.

It didn't matter, he was pulling into the cemetery already. When I first saw or noticed this building, I thought I had died and gone to Savannah. Having lived in Columbus all my life, we visited Callaway Gardens frequently through the years.

We drove up to the marker and I got the surprise of my life, well, one of them anyway. This deserted old building is located almost under the new Second Ave bridge. Back in September my Inlaws visited and we, Mom, Leebo and I, took them to Callaway Gardens. I guess I thought it just sprung up out of no where. Many people have grown up in Boogerville and have had reunions through the years.

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