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And given the potential benefit a good resume can deliver – namely obtaining that desired job – the effort agonising over the right words, phrases and content is time well spent.

Given the amount of time and effort the author can spend writing a resume, many job applicants still entertain the notion that employers or recruiters will reciprocate, by spending a fair amount of time pouring over the details of their resume.

Recruiters are time sensitive and will penalise unnecessarily long resumes accordingly.

First Page Format- When it comes to writing a resume, the first page is ground zero.

If you can comfortably capture information in a single page, then do so.

Even if you are highly experienced, try to keep the number of pages to a minimum.

You can achieve this by adhering to the brevity rule above, and also being ruthless with what to include/exclude.

Too many resume first pages contain information that is either superfluous or could be included later in the document.

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In all probability, a recruiter will look at a resume and decide within the first minute, often within thirty seconds, whether to accept or reject a resume.It will add value to an application, particularly if applying for a similar or related role, indicating the applicant already has practical experience.Profile Summary – It is helpful to include either a well written Objective Statement or Profile Summary near the top of the page.While this is certainly not an exhaustive list of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’, the items discussed below capture key factors responsible for early resume rejection; Brevity – A concise resume is a good resume, and will earn early brownie points from the reviewer, while an overly long resume will have the opposite effect.If a reviewer has to go actively looking for key information, you will have already received your first black mark.

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