Kyrgyzstan in dating

Janela doesn't have a single minute for me because she prepares for Kurba-nakht. Actually, I have already written the whole story, put on some pictures but I want to launch with a video to give her the biggest chance at success.

People, of course, will not bother reading only text.

The principle of the holiday is to prepare a whole bunch of food and to go invite the neighbours for a bite.Unfortunately, creating a video clip from rushes, a task that could take a couple of hours in my home europe, is a month work in Kyrgyzstan.In europe, the main problem to solve would be to learn the video editing software and create a video with it. First, I need to obtain the video software, that means to download it.She tells me it is hard for her to hide her emotions but she has to do it and she does it very well.I don't understant how it is even possible to appear in one light in front of the parents and in another in front of me but I guess Kyrgyz girls have training.

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