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Varie considerazioni di storia dell'edilizia e del commercio dei materiali da costruzione sono infine proposti come sintesi del quadro analitico.

Editoriale di Engramma 143 Elena Flavia Castagnino Berlinghieri Alcuni toponimi svelano ancora in Sicilia l’antico legame con il vino: il Murgentinum da Murgenta (Morgantina), il Tauromenitanum o da Tauromenion (Taormina), l’Haluntinum da Haluntium (San Marco d’Alunzio); mentre la Contrada Bonivini è il toponimo parlante di una diffusa e consolidata attività produttiva che si riconosce nella generosità della terra di una piccola lussureggiante contrada del netino che, originando buoni frutti e una pluralità di vitigni, suggella appunto la nascita di vini degni di essere ricordati come ‘buoni’.

The commercial cycloaliphatic epoxy resin EP2101, frequently used as a structural stone strengthening agent in monuments, was tested to ascertain the related chemical nature, the mechanisms involved in the polymerization reaction and the stability under degradative environments.

After a preliminary chemical characterization in the laboratory by means of GC/MS and FTIR, the resin was applied by brushing to the surface of veined Carrara marble and Vicenza white limestone specimens, and subjected to three different typologies of degradation: natural weathering, artificial accelerated ageing and resistance to mould growth.

The fourth series, with a much more developed and beautiful style shown by the sphinx, has a nice Gorgon head as the reverse type.

The attribution of these coins to Gergis is based on the type of the sphinx that appears in later obols with the name of the town (initial), and upon their finding in association with other Troadic coins.

The Fourier Transform Infra Red spectroscopic analysis (FTIR and FTIR) was used to identify the conservative treatment applied, to confirm its chemical nature (whose formulation has never been confirmed) by comparing the results with the literature, and to investigate both its behaviour under a very aggressive environment and the possible related deterioration products.

Il percorso che Maria Luisa Catoni propone si fonda sulla convergenza di fonti scritte e fonti visuali.

The results obtained from the analysis of several dozen white marble objects have indicated the use of a quite wide variety of species including Parian (from Lakkoi), Pentelic, Thasian (dolomitic and calcitic) and (occasionally) Proconnesian marbles.

The first three, especially Pentelic, were used for most of the statuary.

Gortyn was an important Cretan town from the late Archaic to the Hellenistic period and then became one of the provincial capitals of the Roman Empire.

It controlled the whole of Crete and Cyrenaica and was a flourishing centre of trade and agricultural products in the first centuries of our era.

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