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You'll never find any girlfriend, rich or otherwise (but it applies doubly when seeking out the rich ones), if you don't put yourself out there regularly.Many people have this sort of idealist notion (romantic films in the media don't help) that love will just find them and that they don't have to work for it.Generally what you're looking for in these types of atmospheres is the more refined and feminine looking girls drinking only the finest alcohol (champagne is a good thing to look for).Think “lipstick lesbians” as opposed to “flannel shirt” lesbians.Always look stunning, but be willful and assertive as well.While it's true that lesbian millionaires aren't exactly on every street corner, there are wealthy ones to be found in the United States, if you're simply willing to look. If true romance and love is something that's lacking in your life (as it is for many people) you can't expect to just fill the void with dollar bills.

Don't fret it though; even if it takes a bit of effort for you to find a millionaire soulmate the payoff at the end will easily cover the time cost of the journey. TIP: Find Lesbian millionaires at Millionaire Match.So do you feel like being a greedy lesbian today and dating the upper echelon of your demographic?Make no mistake about it; there are lesbian millionaires to be found out there.Continuously bringing new people into your life, even if they only have very small roles in it, is very rewarding.Networking is key when seeking the elusive millionaire lesbian.

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