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DRAMATIC OR THEATRICAL SPECIAL "HBO Showcase: Tidy Endings," HBO. Hero USA Tonight Hogan's Hero - , WOR I Morton Downey Jr. Franklin Home Shopping ECONOMIC CLUB OF DETROIT: Dr.ACTOR IN A DRAMATIC OR THEATRICAL SPECIAL Daniel Massey, "HBO Showcase: Intimate Contact," HBO. Momqom, -J , , Wf"""" ,.8ta,9 (1945) (Je Lne Grain) ' VXJXCEX? Lawrence Chimenne, chairman and CEO of WEFA Group, on economic issues; 8 a.m. HOME SHOW: Free Press discount expert Maryann Zukosky on post-holiday bargains; 11 a.m. FOCUS: Bill Delano, a dating coach, on finding yourself a partner; p.m. MID DAY: Frances Mc Dormand, co-star of "Mississippi Burning"; p.m. Alex is blessed with looks, money, football talent and a fine singing voice, and cursed by his cheerleader girlfriend Lily (Tammy Lauren). Mouseterplece Theater (Starts ) SHI W"OWIrp K : frwriwwin"''i'"'ir-'''i-"-i,''''-'ir'-- , , , , to the Iowa state fair. Starring Jeanne Crain, Daha Andrews and pick Haymea. The usual suspects were there, and their spiritual leader seemed to be Patch (Stephen Nichols) of "Days of Our Lives." When Patch doesn't wear his patch, he's not Patch. 39 Newlywed Game 8J Wild America Mink g rjaj Are You Being Served?Lily, who is poor and cursed by a trashy father, has only one talent, but it is enough. sexy, she twitches her hips while singing hymns in the school chorus. Eric Braeden, sleazy Victor on "The Young & the Restless," won a big award, and delighted the audience with a high-toned speech on "the tumultuous life of an actor." It would have been easier to take Braeden seriously if he had not been wearing a black satin shirt with bolo tie, but that's show biz. Chancellor, evil center of "The Young & the Restless" and, more important in 1989, Corbin Bern-sen's mother, was honored beyond her personal comfort level, but she bore up well. Britain's Top Guns "The Royal Mamies" Ihe survival lest ends.She mesmerizes Alex by saying things like, "I'm gone drive yew crazy" in his ear. She ended her final speech with this observation: "If I'm back, I'll be alive. 3$ Barney Miller US Araenlo Hall Singer Karyn While.She also drives Alex's redneck friend Local Local "Desperate lor Love" Two teen-age boys' Infatuation with the same girl leads to tragedy In small-town Georgia. If I'm not, read something nice." We couldn't agree more. It made a theme of making fun of soaps for being outrageous, ridiculous and beside the point, which is Lad Q, jean Artnur ana van nnm. S3 Alive From Off Center IS Insight H Morton Downey Jr. Q Cheers (Jj SD Love Connection (SNewhart g 03 Night Court Qi (Q tjj Mac Nell Lehrer f Ti Simon A Simon 8$ Austin City Llmlta Gene Watson, Moe Bandy. " Scientists investigate Ihe greenhouse elfect's disastrous impact on Tarlh's environment, and possible solutions."The story of Emmeline is shocking," Plummer says in her childlike, precise voice, "but sometimes a shocking story can give insight. Emmeline's tragedy fascinated me in a ghoulish way, for about five minutes, but did not move me at all. Local Local Midnight Caller A media mogul s son is accused of murder but appears to be headed for a lenient sentence. World of Survival England's Pembrokeshire coast. yuppie ovraonwjvrsi oiarriiiy ubiihuuwiium, ,h uu,ui and Cllve Wood. Our Moth-eis" Morals and traditions of a small New England town ailed the Inondship ol two 19ih-(:entury women 571 Movie Ma Uda" Flioll Gould.

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Q Local Local thirtysomething Michael takes abuse when he and Elliot handle an offensive politician's ad campaign. (1985) (H) 3$ Mec Nell Lehrer News Hour 3ft Roc Mord Files Trouble is the result Double Helix," A&E.(TV Stereo) IB Mec Nell Lehrer News Hour 57) Silver Spoons (D S Mac Nell Lehrer News Hour Qj) It's a Living Jan attempts to reunite hei divorced paients. Former Notre Dame standout John Shumate is now In his first year as head coach at SMU. W G N News With Rolland Smith and Jennifer Valoppl. Hunter The death of a gang member seems somehow related to the death of the wife of one of Hunter's friends.8$ Spectrum &) Wonderful World of Dlsnsy "One Little Indian" A patrol captures the soidrer. Joe Nleuwendyk and Hakan Loob lead lead the Flames into Joe Louis Arena to battle Steve Yzerman and the Red Wings. Hunter Though foreign revolutionaries claim responsibility, Hunter suspects a routine homicide. W O R prime time Associated Press LOS ANGELES Home Box Office swept the cable industry's 10th Annual ACE Awards on the strength of a trio of dramas that captured 13 of the cable network's 35 awards.ACTRESS IN A DRAMATIC OR THEATRICAL SPECIAL Stockard Channing, "HBO Showcase: Tidy Endings," HBO. MUSIC SPECIAL "HBO World Stage: Billy Joel Live From Leningrad, USSR," HBO. PERFORMANCE IN A COMEDY SPECIAL Robin Williams, "Comic Relief '87," HBO. DOCUMENTARY SPECIAL "Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam," HBO. PR0CPAM INTERVIEWER: Larry King, "Larry King Live," CNN. Auburn ABC 8.1 63 Minion Impotubl ABC 8 5 61 America's Moil Wanted FOX 9.2 Compiled by Noreen Rooney i ' I nm V '.rmimi i Vf im mi mfr w itm am urnr.

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