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About Vimeo Producer and Vimeo Premium Vimeo Producer is available as an annual or monthly subscription and includes overlay graphics, multi-destination streaming in-app, 5GB weekly storage (up to 250GB per year), and more.

Vimeo Premium is available as an annual subscription and includes all of the features of Vimeo Producer, plus the ability to stream to Vimeo, 7TB of storage (with no weekly limits), and more advanced Vimeo features.

This feature requires a micro SD card (included).*NEW: Simplified in-app simulcasting (no Livestream setup required).*NEW: Upload recordings from your micro SD card directly to Vimeo as soon as your event ends.*Requires a Vimeo Producer or Vimeo Premium plan.

Improvements: We’ve improved the image quality in low light environments. I use this in several Live situations/ settings and I also use an i Rig Pre and the i Rig2 to get the audio, but there seems to be a issue with the audio processing in the software.

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Stream live in up to 1080p Full HD to your friends and fans from virtually anywhere via Wi-Fi or LTE.Increase your audience and reach more viewers with in-app simulcasting to multiple destinations (requires a Vimeo Producer or Vimeo Premium subscription).Mevo can also record video to the included micro SD card.Record stunning wide shots in 4K or use the live editing features and record in up to 1080p.Simple, small and discreet - the Mevo camera and app are all you need to record or stream your live events beautifully.

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