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serves, but Wednesday's STEM workshop was extremely helpful in providing her with strategies when working with kids outside the classroom. "I think it is critical for us to be able to support the school systems" she said.

"It's really helpful to hear what's going on in the schools and classrooms," she said. "We are serving students and hearingwhat is going on helps us have the most impact as community partners." Sometimes, partners have struggled with connecting with the right person at a school after a staffing or role change and aren't able to get the word out about an opportunity available to students.

County Clerk Aftab Pureval – joined by Sheriff Jim Neil, domestic relations Judge Amy Searcy, and Women Helping Women president and CEO Kristin Smith Shrimplin – announced the introduction of a text and email service that notifies survivors in real time when a respondent has been served papers.

Previously, it could take up to two days for papers to be served, and up to five days for survivors to be notified, Pureval said.

"One thing that Chattanooga and Hamilton County are really blessed with is we aren't pulling on anyone to join we have willing partners," said Janelle Drake, the district's community engagement specialist.

One of the activities at Wednesday's workshops included a speed-dating-style networking lunch in which representatives from each of the schools met representatives from the organizations and learned about the services they offer — after-school programs, summer camps, tutoring, counseling, mentoring, etc. Research shows and educators know that students often need more than what they get during a seven-hour school day or a set amount of time in class.

Survivors also must choose to opt in to the service.

A mammoth effort has already gone into establishing community-school models in four of the Opportunity Zone schools — East Lake Academy, Dalewood Middle, Orchard Knob Elementary and Orchard Knob Middle schools — which will officially launch this fall.

Many of those initiatives rely on funding, time and manpower from the more than 100 community organizations that actively partner in 73 of Hamilton County's schools.

“The real revolution in this technology is that it turns a time period of days into a time period of minutes," he said.

That, according to Pureval, is important when studies show a 21 percent chance of an escalation in violent behavior after a protection order is issued.

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