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His grand daughter 'Nell' (now 87) vividly remembers visiting the Workhouse which she describes as like a large country house.

The gardens are remembered along with the asparagus which was received each year in Yorkshire, and picking gooseberries and other fruit from the bushes.

Later Additions (from 1894): Bickmarsh, Drayton, Milcote,. Stratford-on-Avon casuals' block from the north-east, 2005. In the 1881 census 22 year old Daniel Pickett was listed as residing in Cheddington Bucks — his place of birth in 1858 — in the household of his grandfather, Daniel Millins.

The population falling within the Union at the 1831 census had been 18,745 with parishes ranging in size from Billesley (population 24) to Stratford-on-Avon itself (3,488). His father, William Hemmings was deceased by this time but had been a schoolmaster. Daniel was described as being a boot and shoe mender by trade.

One of the forms of employment in the workhouse was the making of matresses, pillows and eiderdowns in the 'feather room.' In October 1926 after completing 32 years in Stratford and 42 years in Poor Law Daniel retired and was presented with a cheque for £17.2s.0d while in appreciation of the exceptionally able manner in which Eleanor had discharged her duties as Matron, four years were added to her length of service for the purpose of calculating her superannuation allowance.

This severance from official duty came as a great wrench to Daniel who, it may be said, lived for his Poor Law work.

Unlawfully and maliciously wounding or causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent Intimidating a juror or witness or person assisting, or who has assisted, the investigation of an offence Criminal Damage He pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent, intimidating a witness or person who has assisted the investigation of an offence and criminal damage in Workington, Cumbria, on 18...

Gardening was a favourite pursuit of Daniel and under his fostering care the Union gardens became not only a thing of beauty but a paying proposition.

He was a member of neo-Nazi group National Action after it became the first extreme right-wing group to be banned in the UK in Decem...

He was found guilty of being a member of a proscribed organisation in Warrington, Cheshire.

In the eighteenth century, a row of cottages on Cottage Lane at Hathaway Hamlet, dating from the previous century, was converted into a workhouse and almshouses for the parish of Old Stratford. Its operation was overseen by an elected Board of Guardians, 44 in number, representing its 36 constituent parishes as listed below (figures in brackets indicate numbers of Guardians if more than one): County of Warwick: Alveston, Atherstone-on-Stour, Bearley, Beaudesert, Billesley, Binton, Charlecote, Claverdon, Combroke [Combrook], Compton Verney, Eatington, Fulbrook, Hampton Lucy or Bishop's Hampton, Kineton (2), Langley, Luddington, Loxley, Moreton Morrell, Newbold Pacey, Preston Bagot, Snitterfield (2), Stratford on Avon (4), Old Stratford (2), Temple Grafton, Wellesbourne Hastings, Wellesbourne Mountford, Whitchurch, Wolverton. These still have the horizontal grids through which stone had to be passed after being broken into sufficient small pieces. From 1896 to 1927, the Master of the Stratford workhouse was Daniel Pickett, with his wife Eleanor as Matron.

Counties of Warwick and Gloucester: Wootton Wawen, Welford, Weston-on-Avon. County of Gloucester: Clifford Chambers, Dorsington, Marston Sicca, Preston-on-Stour. A photograph of 1902 shows all the staff, residents and Board of Guardians arranged in front of the workhouse. The cells had an unusual design of interlaced metal grid which apparently served both as an unglazed window and also to allow unbroken stone to be loaded through. Daniel's great-grandson, Edwin Pickett, has researched the life of his great grandfather and has kindly allowed the results of his investigations to be included below.

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