Micky yoochun park min young dating

Park Yoochun and Park Min Young representatives immediately denied about the two actors’ dating rumors.

Park is a member of the popular South Korean pop group JYJ but debuted as a member of South Korean boy band TVXQ.

Sunshine (tv N) Your House Helper (KBS2) Secrets and Lies (MBC) Life on Mars (OCN) Are You Human Too ?

(KBS2) I’m a Mother too (SBS) Goodbye to Goodbye (MBC) Sunny Again Tomorrow (KBS1) Rich Family’s Son (MBC) Shall We Live Together (KBS2) TV Novel – Waves, Waves (KBS2) What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (tv N) Mysterious Personal Shopper (KBS2) Handsome Guy and Jung Eum (SBS) Come and Hug Me (MBC) Wok of Love (SBS) Investigation Couple (MBC) To.

Once again, he has proved his popularity despite the horrible ordeal. I love all your drama and looking forward for Three Days and Sea fog. from now on i will follow you^^ fighting Park yoochunssi Hi Park Yoo-chun, You are wonderful. You were also great in SKKscandal, and you've got a great smile and cute eyes :), I like you very much. I love both of you, THANK YOU for giving your best. Park Yoo-Chun "SI SE PUEDE" I also want to hear you speak Spanish and sing for your Hispanic fans who are always thinking of you.. I have watched about 12 korean dramas in Manila, and so far, this is the best and my favorite. Korean dramas have improved a lot since 5 years ago. The Main Character, Park Yoo Chun, Plays his role so gracely that you think that you're in the drama . BTW , PARK YOO CHUN WOWO Mickey i really like your drama .. I'm so excited for his upcoming drama Rooftop Prince. I'm not surprised that he got an award coz he did a great job on his debut drama. :) Thumbs up for yr marvellous & great acting in MISS RIPLEY!!!

He stands back on his own feet with all the support and encouragement poured to him from international fans and staff. The love between Lee Gak and Park Ha was so real and pure. Not everybody can find a true love, if found one, don’t let go. I am waiting for your new drama and hope you will come to Malaysia one day. I will recommend to my 2 sisters who have not watched any Korean drama, and also to my frieds. Some parts are unbelievable, and some characters were not developed, example the "bedridded" Yong, the real mother... The story lines and scripts have improved and more believable..like cartoons stuff of before. Park Yoo Chun loves the Sister, but gradually comes to love the other sister . Put me in chills and tears as I was very satisfied with the whole drama, Beginning to end ! i am one of your Big fan : D i really like you and your brother Rickey .. :) I really hope to see PART 2 OF MISS RIPLEY as it is one of the best korean drama i have watched.

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