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600 Technology 608 Inventions, Inventors, Patents 610 Medicine, Alternative medicine, (Herbal medicine) 610.3 Medicine - Dictionaries, (Medical dictionaries), Medicine - Encyclopedias 610.6 Doctors without Borders (Association), Médecins sans frontières (Association), (MSF), EMAS Canada - Education, Medical Aid & Service 610.69 Physicians, (Doctors), (Medical profession), Surgeons, Women physicians 610.73 Nursing, (Nurses), (Registered Nurses), Nurse practitioners 611 Human anatomy 611.36 Liver 612 Human body 612.1 Blood, Blood groups, Blood pressure, Blood - Circulation, (Blood Transfusion) 612.8 Pain 612.82 Brain 613 Health, Hygiene, Preventive medicine, Children - Health and hygiene, Health counseling, (Children - Diseases) 613.2 Nutrition, Diet, Weight loss, Vitamins, Vegetarianism, Food - Cholesterol content, (Calories), (Carbohydrates), (Proteins), (Dietary fiber) 613.6 Personal safety 613.7 Exercise, Aerobics, Physical education, Physical fitness, Weight lifting 613.85 Smoking, Smoking cessation programs, Tobacco habit, (Addiction to nicotine), (Quit smoking), (How to stop smoking), (Smoke ending programs) 614.841 Fire prevention, Fires - Safety measures 615 Drugs, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical chemistry, (Pharmaceuticals), (Drugs - Chemistry), (Prescription drugs) 615.8 Acupuncture 615.85154 Music therapy 616 Diseases, (Illness), (Sickness), (Skin - Diseases) 616.02 First aid 616.2 Cold (Disease), (Common cold), Influenza, (Flu) 616.522 Shingles (Disease), (Chickenpox) 616.6 Infertility, Human fertility, (Fertilization in vitro), (Childlessness), (Infertile couples) 616.8 Brain - Diseases, Alzheimer's disease, Cerebral palsy, Stroke, Mad Cow Disease 616.83 Tourette syndrome 616.85 Phobias, Neuroses, (Anxiety), (Fear) 616.9 Communicable diseases, (Black death), (Bubonic plague), Ebola, Marburg Haemorrhagic Fever, Plague, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Swine Influenza (Swine Flu), West Nile Virus, Zika Virus (ZIKV) 616.97 AIDS (Disease) 616.99 Cancer 617 Surgery 617.575 Overuse injuries, (Repetitive strain injury - RSI) 617.7 Vision, Vision disorders, Color blindness, Eyeglasses, Contact lenses 618.2 Pregnancy, Prenatal care, Childbirth 618.92 Children - Diseases, (Childhood diseases), (Medicine, Pediatric), (Pediatrics) 620 Nanotechnology 620.8 Human engineering, (Ergonomics), (Biomechanics) 621.48 Nuclear energy, Nuclear engineering, Nuclear power plants 621.8 Robotics, Cranes, derricks, etc., Hoisting machinery, Elevators, Escalators, (Lifts), (Automatron) 622 Coal mines and mining, Gold mines and mining, Mining engineering, (Mines and mineral resources) 623.8 Ships, Shipbuilding, Steamboats, (Cruise ships), (Ocean Travel) 623.88 Signals and signaling, (Maritime signal flags), (Semaphore flags) 624 Bridges, Civil engineering, (Suspension bridges), (Viaducts) 625.7 Roads 629.133 Airplanes, Airships, Balloons, (Aeroplanes), (Aircraft), (Aeronautics), (Flight), (Flying) 629.222 Automobiles, (Motor cars), (Passenger vehicles) 629.224 Trucks 629.227 Bicycles, Minibikes, Motorcycles, (Motor cycles) . Includes Further Reading and Resources: CF-105 Avro Arrow Development, Technology, Demise, Specifications, Schematics, Pictures. See also 796.6 Bicycle racing, Bicycle touring, Cycling, (Biking) 629.28 Automobile driver education, Automobile drivers, (Driver education), (Car driver education), Automobile parts, Automobiles - Fuel consumption, (Gas prices, Gasoline prices), Automobiles - Maintenance and repair, (Car maintenance), (Car repair) 629.454 Moon - Exploration, Space flight to the moon, (Luna expeditions), (Astronauts) 630 Agriculture, Agricultural engineering, Farms, (Farmers), (Farming), Farm life, Farm management, Farm produce, Family farms 633.1 Grain, (Rice), (Wheat), (Corn), (Barley) 634.9 Forest fires 635 Gardens, Gardening, Vegetable gardening, Organic gardening, Horticulture 635.9 Lawns, Turf management, Turfgrasses, Golf courses - Maintenance 636.088 Pets, Snakes as Pets, Pets - Names 636.7 Dogs, Dogs - Breeding, Dogs - Care, Dogs - Psychology, Dogs - Training, Guide dogs, (Puppies) 638 Bees, Beekeeping, Beehives, (Apiculture), (Bee hives), (Bee culture), (Bee housing) 640 Home economics, (Household tips), (Household hints), (Household management), (Household efficiency), (Home organization), (Home management), (Home security), (Home safety), (Decluttering) 640.73 Consumers, Consumer education, Product safety, Shopping, (Household supplies), (Buyers' guides), (Consumers' guides), (Shoppers' guides), (Purchasing) 641 Food 641.3 Herbs, Spices, Cookery (Herbs) 641.5 Cooking, Outdoor cooking, (Recipes), Microwave cooking, (Food preparation), (Cook books), (Cookbooks), (Cookery), (Barbecue cooking) 641.8 Tea, Coffee, Beverages 643 Houses - Maintenance and repair, Electric household appliances, Electric apparatus and appliances, (Home repairs) 646.7 Cosmetics, (Makeup) 648 Cleaning, Bleaching, (House cleaning), (Stain removal) 648.7 Molds (Fungi) - Control 649 Parenting, Child care, Child rearing, Children and adults, Children's allowances 650 Business, (E-commerce), (e Commerce) 658 Time management, Management, (Multitasking) 658.3 Wages, (Salaries), (Compensation), (Income) 658.7 Marketing, Small business marketing, Success in business, (Business networking), (Social entrepreneurship) 658.8 Auctions, Chain stores, Department stores, Discount stores, (Online shopping), Shopping centers, Shopping malls, Marketing, Market research, Retail trade, (Merchandising), Direct selling, Telemarketing, Online bookstores 659.1 Advertising, Advertising - Newspapers, Advertising and children, Fashion models 660.6 Biotechnology, Cloning, Genetic Engineering 662.1 Fireworks, (Pyrotechnics) 672 Steel, Iron 686.2 Type and type founding, Printing, Printing - Specimens, Typesetting, Linotype, Lithography, Offset printing 690 Buildings, House construction, (Home renovation), (Home design), (General contractors) Aerofiles - A Century of American Aviation. ● Avro CF-105 Arrow Mk.1 Specifications from Wikipedia. By the time the Arrow program was terminated, five of the six completed prototypes had flown a total of 70.5 hours. Its last flight took place on 7 February 1959." Balloon Race Around the World from PBS. It was their conversations we finally got to hear, not men talking about them.Successful TV series with female-driven narratives were rare back then, and those that did survive past one season were often centred on motherhood or marriage. Did the show miss about a billion opportunities to portray single, working women as more than the composite characters they sometimes were in "Sex and the City"? Perhaps if it was rebooted for the #Me Too era, it would tackle issues of representation, harassment in the workplace, or even the workplace.

In Carrie's world, walking 10 blocks in 6-inch heels was a glamorous act of independence, not a painful, crippling slog that ended in Duane Reade's bandages and plastic flip-flop aisle.

Web site is dedicated solely to the aviation history of North America and the airplanes that have graced our skies for 100 years. The Avro Arrow: Canada's Broken Dream with television and radio clips from CBC Archives. The CF-105 was a delta-winged, big, fast interceptor. "The Avro CF-105 Arrow first flew on March 25, 1958, following several years in development . During the test flights, the Arrow had flown at mach 1.96 and up to 50,000 feet, results that are still impressive by today's standard of fighter Aircraft design . Contents include: Take a Virtual Balloon Flight, Science of Ballooning: Hot Science: Density, Hot Science: Up, Up, and How Far Away?

Amazing Airshow video - Cameron Airshow 2014 Jukin Media Verified (Original). History of Ballooning, Atmosphere, Jet Stream, Resources, and more. Contents include: Timelines by decades: 1900-2000, Planes: Early Planes (Wright Flyer, Blériot XI, Spirit of St.

Free of the constraints of network television, they cursed like R-rated film heroes, discussed sex in graphic detail, had lots of graphic sex and strived to be fabulous rather than likable.

"It's slim pickings out there," said Samantha during one of many episodes where the women were lamenting their dating prospects.

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