Most intimidating last names

For instance, Schmidt Meyer was designated to people who were stewards of landholders.

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Not too many of those are on the following list but examples include Brinkmann, Berger and Frank.

The acronyms OHG and MHG stand for Old High German and Middle High German, respectively.1.

Abernathy Abbott Abner Abrams Acker Acuff Adair (Some puns will happen with this last name.) Adara (Means "noble" in Hebrew.) Adelson Adler Agnew Ainge Albright Alcott (An Anglo-Saxon derived name that means "he who lives in and old cottage".) Algarotti Allard Allred Alstott Alvarez Amherst Andruzzi Angle Annenberg Antrican Apatow Archeletta (a name of topographic origin meaning 'oak hollow') Archer Argento Armani Armstrong Arrhenius Arrington Arrowood Asola Asterio Atkinson Attard Atwater Atwood Austin Averescu Axworthy Ayesa Baldwin Ballard Bamberger Banner Banu (Means "lady" in Persian.) Barks Barrick Bartley Batch Bauer Beebe Bender Bennett Benoit Benson Benton Benwikere Bernthal (Derived from the Yiddish name Ber, which means 'bear' and the German word Tal, which means 'valley'.

Bersa Best Bester Bettis Bezos Biddle Binda Binion Bisley Bixby Blaustein Blixt Block Blood Blow Bobusic Boldon Bonanno (The name stems from medieval Italy and means 'good year'.) Booth Bosa Bostwick Boulder Boulware Bowden Bowman Bowser Boyle Bracco Braddock (I have a friend with this last name and we've nicknamed him "MIA" after the Chuck Norris movie.) Bradshaw Brager (Norwegian surname) Brembilla Brennan (Irish last name) Breslin Briggs Bright Brinkmann Bristow Brooks Brubaker Brunt Buckner Bullard Burris Byrne Cabrera-Bello Cagle Cahill Cain Calaway Callahan Cannon Capra Carling Carmichael Carney Carver Cassidy Castle Cave Cayce Celino (A masculine last name out of Europe.) Cena Cents Chadwick Chalk Challenger Chambers Chatwin Cherry Christie Chung Cirque Clancy Clay Cleveland Coates Cobo Coffey Coffin Cogdill Coin Colt Coltrane Conklin Connelly Conti (Italian last name) Coolidge Cooper Copeland Coppens Cortese Crabtree Cranham Crassus (Old Roman last name) Creed Creel Crespo Cross Crowley (a good last name for a villain) Crusher Cugat Cullen Cunningham Curio (old Roman surname) Cutler Dabney Daddario Dallesandro Dalton Dandridge Darby Dark Davenport Dawkins Decarlo Decker Delpy Dempsey Denton Denver Derbyshire Devereaux Devlin Diamond Dickerson Dixon Dobra (Romanian last name) Dodge Donahue Donnelly Donovan Dooley Draper Driskel Driver Dubois (French surname) Dukas Dumont Dunlop Dwyer Fairbanks Fairchild Fangio Farrell Fassbinder Fawcett Fawzi (Egyptian surname) Fenner Ferber Ferguson Finch Finchum Fingermann (Jewish last name) Finn Fisk Fitzgerald Fitzpatrick Flacco Flair Flagg Flanagan Fleetwood Fleiss Fletcher Flood Floquet (French origin) Floris Flynn Foley Fong (Chinese last name) Foster Freed Freeman Freeze Frost Fugger Fullbright Furyk Future Hadwin Hale Halleck Halliwell Hamilton Hammer Hammond Hardin Hardy Harker Harper Hart Hartman Harvick Hawk Head Healy Heller Henn Herrera (Spanish last name) Hess Hester Hickey Higgins Hightower Hilliard Hindley Hitchcock Hitchens Hoagland Hobbs Hobgood Hodder Hogan Holiday Holland Hood Horry Hostetler Huffman Hull Humber Husher (British last name.) Hutton Huxley Huxx Hyde Kaminsky Katts Kaufman Keating Keats Keene Keller Kellett Kenny Keogh Kerrigan Kersey Kershaw Kessler Kestrel Keys Kicklighter Kincaid Kinder King Kitt Klecko Knox Kobayashi Koch Koo Kotek (Polish surname) Koufax Kubiak Kuchar Kulikov (Russian last name)Lacer Lacroix Lafferty Laker Lambert Lattimore Lawler Laudermilk Lazenby Leary Leaves (Old English last name) Lecter Ledger Leibovitz Leishman Le May Lesnar Lipman Liston Litvak Lomax Lombard London Londos Longwood Lords Lott Lovecraft Lovejoy Lynch Mackey Macklin Maddox Magnusson (Icelandic last name) Maker Malenko Malfoy Malik (Indian last name) Mallory Mannix Mantooth Manus Marsh Mason Massey Matisse Mc Cabe Mc Gee Mc Gillicutty Mc Kay Mc Namara Meer (Dutch family name) Meilyr (A very old surname that can be traced back to at least 500 A.

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