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Third, the College, your ministry and a broad range of trades, employers, trade unions, apprentices and training associations stepped forward and offered their best advice in this review, and I’m very grateful for this.The College, through its Chair, Board, Registrar and staff, is to be commended for embracing the review and providing seamless support to my work in parallel with maintaining its important work in serving its community.This, together with tensions between the College’s mandate as both advocate and regulator, has made the work interesting and challenging.It is my hope that the report will contribute in some way to a stronger, more viable and focused College of Trades, with better capacity to contribute to the economy and quality of life in Ontario.With best wishes, Tony Dean Reviewer Board: refers to the Board of Governors, the governing body which manages and administers the affairs of the College.Cof Q: Certificate of Qualification College: refers to the Ontario College of Trades ESA: Electrical Safety Authority HPRAC: Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council ICI Construction: Industrial-Commercial-Institutional Construction LRA: Minister: refers to Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities Ministry: refers to Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities MOL: Ontario Ministry of Labour MTCU: Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities COTAC: College of Trades Appointments Council O.First, I believe this was the right time for the review, and I commend you for taking this important step relatively early in the trajectory of the College.

As you know, the issues encompassed by my terms of reference have a long and complex history and have attracted a considerable degree of interest.In all of the areas under consideration, I have made an effort to find a balance between the College’s mandate and interests, the interests of College stakeholders and the public interest.The report recognizes the progress made by the College Board and its Registrar in challenging circumstances.Promotion of the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship: The College has an important role to play in promoting and elevating the skilled trades, streamlining access and providing guidance for those interested in apprenticeship and supporting apprenticeship completions and certification.Balancing modernization and stability within the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship system: The College has the opportunity to help modernize the apprenticeship and skilled trades system in Ontario.

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