My cup of tea 2 dating liam

, produced by Greg Kurstin and Dan Grech-Marguerat, is classic Liam: swaggering, unapologetic – vintage rock ‘n’ roll.“I’d never met them [Kurstin and co-writer Andrew Wyatt] before so we went and had a cup of tea.

And I needed to come back with a good album full of good songs, no nonsense.” He likes performing “Greedy Soul”, in particular, at his live shows: “It’s got power and energy, it’s aggressive, it’s a good vibe. “When you’re singing it you’re sweating – it’s like having a really hot curry. I’m the first to admit I’m not the greatest songwriter in the world but I’m getting there, you know what I mean?

I won’t be charging that man, I dunno what we’re charging but we’re not charging that.” Liam tweeted recently that he’d made peace with Idris Elba after they fell out when he was offended by a hat that Elba was wearing at the 2013 NME Awards.

Liam claims that Elba ruffled his hair first; Elba says Liam snatched his hat away.

I’m enjoying it, and we’re gonna do as many gigs as we can.” Liam is hitting the road at the same time Noel is touring with High Flying Birds – a band Liam has dismissed as “Beady lite”, in a reference to his former band Beady Eye.

Although Liam wasn’t clear on how much his tickets would cost, he was quick to rip into his older sibling Noel for charging around 0 [£250] for an “enhanced experience” ticket package to his shows.

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