Nikki hsieh dating

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It’s the relationship we never knew we wanted or needed. Nicki recently made headlines after it was revealed her new album had been pushed back.

Nicki Minaj has appeared to confirm she is dating Eminem, following her split from Nas at the beginning of the year. And if that wasn’t enough, one brave follower replied to her post and simply asked: ‘You dating Eminem??? A response that simultaneously notched up 7,400 likes and sent us all into meltdown. Or is it just a sarcastic yes as she knew she’d get us all hyped up? To maybe fit in a couple of love raps for Slim Shady? The 35-year-old was set to release Queen on 15 June, but now it seems we won’t be getting our hands on it until 10 August.

which aired in 2016 and some series from 11 years ago that they’ve “already forgotten the name of.” Both of them have been taking a break from acting for a bit, but as soon as they found out they’d be acting with each other, they immediately agreed to be part of the cast!

Even “Lego” Li Guo-yi, who’s usually picky about his scripts, agreed before even reading it.

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Here’s Nikki and Lego wishing everyone Merry Christmas!Nikki has two tattoos, on her neck says “Be the change” while along her side is the inscription “Let life flow, you will have no regrets”.In an industry where cute and bubbly female entertainers abound, she’s a refreshing breath of fresh air with her punk rock attitude, not to mention a genuine acting talent.The Chun-Li rapper casually revealed the news on Instagram, while promoting a single she’s featured on with 2 Chainz and Big Sean. And what does Marshall have to say about all of this? ‘The album itself I think I want to put out on August 10,’ she told Instagram Live.She told her 86.8million followers: ‘#BIGBANK OUT NOW!!!!!! ‘I want to put out my second single, which I’m really, really excited about, and I want to now start an official countdown.’ She also revealed she has huge plans for the release of her next album – including a listening party for fans. ‘I also wanna do a thing where I invite some of my actual fans to the studio and listen to the album and listen to the songs,’ she added.

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