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You do this via the paperclip symbol on the 'Go Advanced' tab at the bottom of this screen.

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Can you attach a document to a post with some representative data (delete anything sensitive)?Yes, all the way to : Powered by v Bulletin Version 3.8.1 Copyright 2000 - 2016, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. I would like to find it...doesn't seem to be there.... When I try to attach a file I am taken to a screen that gives me the browse option... I'm taking too much of your time because I can't figure out how to graphically show you the difference between the two Verdana (headings) 8 point sentences ..sure where to go from here...thanks for the attempts at help! Not sure if it worked but I do see the file below under 'Attach' Files. Glycol ethers factory covers 140 acres, while EO factory covers 220 acres, with overall investment of 200 million dollars.takes good use of advantages of location and resources of raw materials which makes it possible for raw materials pipeline supplies.

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