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In contrast, Static Shock’s origin story could contribute more to a coherent story. It’s much harder to write a gripping story about Bruce Wayne (the company’s owner) than Peter Parker (an entry-level nobody).Although he receives his powers in the same accident as his villains, he doesn’t share many other links with them (personal, ethical or otherwise). No one’s going to get in Bruce’s face like a supervisor would.For example, Army sergeants and stockbrokers are not especially high in their respective organizations but have many useful skills. No matter how many criminals The Punisher executes, it won’t bring back his murdered family.Your ending doesn’t have to be happy, but if readers think that a happy ending isn’t they probably won’t care about the story.have to convince us that we should care about his story.Readers tend to prefer stories that feel relatable.

Does your character have a highly unusual origin story? Finally, it may help to show the character interacting with a familiar human culture.

Although you can probably convince readers to look at a book about Atlantis’ court intrigue, it’s more of a struggle than selling a story about Peter Parker, the guy next door.

One way that you could help readers care about a highly exotic character is by giving him a few distinctly human characteristics.

Spiderman gets his superpowers through a scientific accident, like his archrival Norman Osborn.

The two also share a personal connection through Osborn’s son and, more importantly, they are moral foils.

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