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Here are some of the singles online right now: in 2005 in a story on niche dating services, Tattoed is highly ranked by search engines among all tattoo singles and tattoo dating websites. Once registered, you can create a profile, post a photo and search for matches based on criteria like gender, age and location.To communicate with your matches and to receive messages from people who want to meet you, a paid subscription is required.This protects your privacy and prevents your external email address from being exposed to spam. Joining our community will allow us to better match you with other members.You can do a free search for matches on the Tattoo website without registering.This will give you some idea of how many registered singles there are in your area.Click Here For Our Top-Rated Site Reading profiles on Tattoo is far more entertaining than on your average boring dating website.

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Tattoo offers a free five day trial to let you try out a subscription membership before handing over any money.

Like other social networking sites such as Facebook and My Space, you create a profile on Tattoo and upload an optional photo.

You can then join the group categories that match your interests. Tattoo has an internal email system that allows you to send and receive messages from other members.

When we did a search using the same zip code as we did for our Tattooed test, hundreds of matches were found.

We tried looking for both men and women and found that there seems to be an equal number of both genders registered.

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