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It brings memories of the song Dong Work for Yuda on Joe's Garage mainly in the vocal approach, and since that song was amazing, this song is good, but not as great as Dong Work For Yuda.

Stick Together and The Jazz Discharge Party Hats are probably my least favorite pieces on the album.

Lola Ray has had many offspring across this fine country and I would like to holler at all the proud mommas out there.

So raise your hand if Lola Ray is your Baby Daddy and put your hand back down if you think you are getting a dime off our broke asses for child support.

It's not a masterpiece by any means and it isn't even close to the best album Zappa released in the 80s.

Still, though, there are some really fun pieces on it interspersed with some odd semi-sung vocal monologues that are really more random than anything else.

So the longer we are off from tour, the less relevant this blog will become to actual band activity. On that note, let the bullshit begin, So I have been watching the best late night television of my life recently, and I must share in some of the nonsense I have seen in the midnight glowing apocalypse. But here's the best part, he didn't just get a haircut.....turned the weirdo dial to 1995 and got the Rachel Haircut from "Friends!

I watched Conan the other night to see one very special guest. So, I am watching Conan to see him and when he is introduced and appears from the curtain I am blown away by the fact that Mind Freak got a haircut! " I know that cut, my Mom had it and so did every girl in the nation. He totally did the supercuts commercial and went in with the Skid Row hair and said to the hair lady "Give me something my mom would like." Love is Mindfreak and today is about Love so Love Mindfreak in 2007 just like you loved your Rachel bob cut in 1995.

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What can be for certain, though, is that this album would be the last slightly above average Zappa album (excluding LSO and Perfect Stranger) until Meets the Mothers of Prevention.

The album opens with the chant of, "chop a line now" followed by some wisps of harmonica and some biting Zappa lyrics targetting the cocaine addicts in the workplace (like lawyers, doctors, etc).

It's probably the most significant of all of Zappa's anti-drug pieces.

We set out on a little bit of grass and managed to catch 10 gaffers pretty quickly. Started to the northern when finally we stumbled across a piece of bamboo that we caught half a dozen or so more gaffers to finish our day up. Hopefully we will get lucky enough soon to find our old friend Mr.

Our guys then decided that they were ready to go look for a marlin. So late in the day I eased back inshore to hopefully find the grass from the morning.

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