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American film directed by John and Lem Amero contains some hardcore inserts.It focuses primarily on the "erotic surrealism" and "dream-logic".

The Board unanimously noted a scene which included "close up real depictions of actual fellatio....which unambiguously contravene R classification guidelines.".

Although the vast majority of sexual situations depicted in mainstream cinema are simulated (in early pornography, the main actors engaged in simulated sex, with inserts placed in the film), on rare occasions actors engage in real sex.

Notable examples include two of the eight Bedside-films and the six Zodiac-films from the 1970s, all of which were produced in Denmark and had many pornographic sex scenes, but were nevertheless considered mainstream films (they all had mainstream casts and crews, and premiered in mainstream cinemas).

This film has many experimental and avant-garde elements features hardcore sex scenes, showing genitals of actors.

Based on a true story of a Japanese prostitute, features fellatio and other non-simulated sexual acts.

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