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The workshop, unique in the field, took in a diverse group of ten nominated writers and journalist of varying backgrounds and experience levels from around North America and immersed them for a week in small town Texas life, where instead of work-shopping stories from outside, they reported stories in the community and explored them in real time. The demands he put upon me were all aimed at making my writing better.” – Thomas Hauser – Author of “Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times” and “Missing” One client, a first-time author, just had his initial book proposal accepted by one of the top literary agents in the country.

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And there’s the plain ridiculous, too, like the Pats game that was won by a fan who ran onto the field in street clothes and deflected a last-second foe’s pass.

My proposal drew interest from multiple agents and has just drawn its first two offers from publishing houses.” – First time author, currently under contract “I’ve written 47 books and hundreds of articles.

I’ve never – and I mean never – had an editor who challenged me in a more positive way than Glenn Stout did.

From epic stadium plumbing issues to traffic jams from hell to perhaps the oddest head coach in NFL history–the unstable Clive Rush–this history is a page-turner as great as the Super Bowls Tom Brady has won again and again.” “Glenn Stout and Richard Johnson do so much more than explore the history of Boston sports.

With their dazzling skill for looking beyond the boxscores and scoring summaries, they whisk us back in time to old ballparks, long-ago games and the personalities who made Boston a dynamic sports town.

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