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However, there is a tendency to regard translation errors solely from the point of view of academic studies and translation pedagogy, completely shut off from professional practice.

Despite notable works on legal translation such as Alcaraz and Hughes (2002), Morris (1995) and Šarčević (2000), little is known about a translator's legal obligations or responsibilities.

But despite the apparent lack of specific cases in which a translator was held liable as a result of an incorrect or inadequate translation, there are numerous instances ‑ relating to translation in general and technical translation in particular ‑ which illustrate the potential consequences of substandard translations.

Taken from a variety of sources, these instances show, not only the impact of translation errors, but also the potential directions from which claims against a translator may come.

Byrne article At the very heart of translation studies is the issue of translation quality.

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By understanding the nature of liability and the ways in which translators can be held to account for faulty translations, it will be possible to fully understand the subsequent examination of laws and directives governing translations.Given the huge volume of translation work done in so many different areas across the world this is quite surprising and it is particularly true in the case of technical translation which, according to Kingscott (207) accounts for some 90% of the world's total annual translation output.It would be unrealistic to interpret this lack of cases as proof that translators do not make mistakes or that the issue of translator liability is not something with which we should concern ourselves.This paper aims to show that, despite the lack of precedents, the possibility of being found liable for one's translations is very real and the implications of substandard translations must be treated seriously.The sheer volume and diversity of translation work which takes place throughout the world each year means that there are potentially dozens, if not hundreds, of possible implications for defective translations.

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