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Anton La Vey expressed his contempt for people who demonstrated the “huddling” instinct, explaining that it is a certain indication that they weren’t Satanists at all, just “sheep” who want to pretend to be “goats.” He was right.

Satanists by nature follow their own tastes in such areas as politics and aesthetics; they have very uniquely personal hierarchical systems of values that are not necessarily congruent with those of other Satanists.

Recall Anton La Vey’s dictum that the Church of Satan must remain “a custard that can’t be nailed to the wall”?

While our philosophy is made abundantly clear and all of our literature is publicly available, the organization itself remains largely hidden. And it serves us well, should some form of organized anti-Satanism actually gain political or social power.

We support these valued members who are “non-joiners” and their commitment remains strictly confidential.

Other members may desire to locate others who share particular passions, not just an interest in Satanism per se.

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