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Jameel isn’t the system; he’s just a person, who happens to be male.To decry him simply on account of his ethnic origin, without any other evidence to support your claims, is flat-out racism. But would we accuse a Venezuelan billionaire of being responsible for his country’s food shortages, or an Australian tycoon of his country’s despicable attitudes towards Aboriginal people?At most, we can say that Jameel’s personal wealth is representative of the worst inequalities of late-capitalism.

Some mistakenly identified Jameel as a member of Saudi’s ruling royal and suddenly, Jameel became responsible for the Saudi Government’s multiple human rights abuses; for the nation’s grotesque wealth inequality; for the House of Saud’s continued subjugation of women.She became a teenage mother after a brief and allegedly abusive marriage at 17, before she was discovered as a singer of jazz and African melodies.After becoming hugely successful in the US and winning a Grammy, she became involved in the civil rights struggle stateside as well as in the campaign against apartheid in her home country, writing political songs.See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. Earlier this week, R’n’B megastar Rihanna was photographed in a passionate cinch with an as-of-then unidentified man.

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