Science courseware virtual dating

One way to judge the reliability of a radiometric measurement is to compare the results of different measurement techniques for the same sample.Note that these methods do not include carbon dating.Timeline: Science Courseware has an excellent radiometric dating exercise called “Virtual Dating” that walks you through each step of the process of dating rocks.

Examples of Virtual Courseware appropriate for middle school science students include , for studying the principles of genetic inheritance; Natural Selection, for studying evolution; Relative Dating, for studying geological time; and Faults, for studying geological patterns. First, we wanted students to grasp how phenotype alone can be used to determine what traits are passed from parents to offspring.By observing patterns of inheritance, recessiveness or dominance can be hypothesized.Secondly, we wanted to expose students to the inquiry process.Creationists frequently describe carbon being used to date rocks; in fact, it cannot be used in that way, as rocks do not accumulate carbon in the manner that living material does.Also, the relatively brief half-life of C remains that the machine used to measure isotopes, a mass spectrometer, cannot reliably detect this amount within its normal background error.

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