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But Ethan's son, Oscar tells him that the lodge is a cult and is very dangerous to join into, but Spencer refuses to believe him and joins the lodge.Spencer meets, Oscar's twin sister, Evelyn and became a close friend with her, she gave Spencer her letter to Oscar, asking him to give it to Oscar for her.Evelyn and Spencer were found by Ethan and Murray, who tries to bring them back to the lodge, but Evelyn's uncle and aunt, Zac and Hannah Wilson came to their rescue after Oscar shows Evelyn's letter to Hannah.Evelyn chose to stay with Zac and Hannah, but Spencer collapsed and Zac, Hannah and Evelyn takes him back to Summer Bay and into the hospital.Spencer's father, Ian arrives to Summer Bay to take Spencer back home with him, but Spencer refuses and says goodbye to his father.Spencer's brother Chris turns up in Summer Bay and becomes a third wheel in their relationship.

Spencer and Maddy spend the night on a boat, before moving to the local high school. When they learn that Roo knows they are staying at the school, Spencer and Maddy initially disagree about contacting her.

But Spencer stood up to Murray that he doesn't want this and that Murray slaps him and takes him away.

That night, Evelyn sneak into the shed, where he was beatened up badly by Murray.

Sid allows Sasha to stay with Irene and rent the Farmhouse to the Mac Guire family.

Spencer attends to a music festival with Sasha and Roo tells him to keep an eye on Maddy, who was once drugged by Josh's brother, Andy at a beach party.

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