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1 Joseph Lyons MAID OF ATHENS (Thomas Broderick) 8. Solon – Colleen Rhue (Gemma di Vergy) (Mountjoy Lodge) 2 T.Dodd RATTLEAWAY (William Canavan) 8.10 2/1 Thomas Connolly (Black, lavender spots & sleeves) B.c. 2 1/1f “Red” Denis Wynne (Blue, red slvs & cap) B.f.Uncas – Trieste (Plum Pudding) (Melitta Lodge) 3 Charles Ryan KING OF TRUMPS (William Miller) 8. Lord Clifton – Queen Bee (King Tom) (Rossmore Lodge) 4 Joseph G. Lothario – Claret Cup (Claret) (Curragh View) Winner bred in Ireland: John Wardell 3 lengths, bad third. Roman Bee – Tawney (Ivan) (Curragh View) 2 Christopher Taaffe SHINGLASS (M. 2 100/30jf Joseph French (Green, scarlet cap) Ch.c. 9 Bar Joseph French (Blue, pink hoop, black cap) B.f. Victor – Maid of Athens (Solon) (Eyrefield Lodge) 3 Edmund Smithwick SIR HUGH (Thomas Harris) 9. Lord Gough – Querida (King John) (Maryborough) 4 Daniel Broderick SLEEPING BEAUTY (Joseph Doyle) 8.Wednesday, 25th June, 1879 Winner: £325 8 Ran 1m 4f (12f) Irish Derby Stakes [Plate £400] (£15 0) Time: 3m 10s. Stockinger – Lady Lynbury (The Coroner) (Rossmore Lodge) 3 John C. Uncas – Madeline (Plum Pudding) (Rossmore Lodge) 4 Drogheda, 3rd Marquess ARRAS (J. 0 4/1 Michael Moneypenny (Black, silver lace) Ch.f. Keith – Birds-eye (Canary) (car 8.8) (Tittour, Co Wicklow) 0 William Bourke NOBLE DUCHESS (William Miller) 7.12 50/1 Private (Roscrea) (White, pink facing & cap) Ch.f. Salvator – Grisette (Dr Syntax) (Melitta Lodge) Winner bred in Ireland: Charles J. Wednesday, 25th June, 1884 Winner: £460 5 Ran 1m 4f (12f) Irish Derby [Plate £550] (£15 0) No time taken. 2 7/1 Garrett Moore (White, blue slvs, black cap) B/Br.c. 2 Bar Daniel Broderick (Straw, scarlet sleeves) B.f.Adventurer – Stella (West Australian) (Newmarket) 3 Howth, 3rd Earl EVORA (Michael Lynch) 8.

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Artillery – Colleen Rhue (Gemma de Vergy) (Mountjoy Lodge) 2 Robert H. 2 4/5f Joseph Dawson GB (Green, crimson facings & cap) B.f.

Plum Pudding – Nu (Orpheus) (Melitta Lodge) Winner bred in England: John Wardell Won by 5 lengths. Uncas – Aneroid (Colonist) (Hednesford) 2 Nicholas Ennis INGOMAR (Thomas Kelly) 8.

Wednesday, 23rd June, 1875 Winner: £281½ 4 Ran 1m 4f (12f) Irish Derby Stakes [£100 added] (£20 £3) Time: 2m 54½ s. 8 3/1 Patrick Doucie (Green, yellow sleeves & cap) B.c.

Ivan – Light of the Harem (Magpie) (Hednesford) 2 Christopher St George TOM KING (Michael Lynch) 8.10 1/1f Joseph French (Sea Green, black cap) B.c. Artillery – Rachael (Faugh-a-Ballagh) Winner bred in Ireland: Daniel Kinsella Won by 3 lengths Wednesday, 26th June, 1867 Winner: £215 4 Ran 1m 6f 3yds (14f 3y) Irish Derby Stakes (£25 0) No time taken.

King Tom – Darling’s dam (Birdcatcher) (Rathbride Cottage) 3 P. 1 James Cockin GOLDEN PLOVER (Charles Maidment) 8.10 7/4f Thomas Cliff GB (White) B.c. Planet – Tidy (Birdcatcher) (Co Limerick) Winner bred in Ireland: Mr Mozley Won in a canter, bad third.

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