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She had driven there following the alleged rape — at a Notre Dame dormitory — to be examined for injuries.

Although physically unharmed, the girl was later temporarily placed under psychiatric care. Now a lawyer, she contacted me after reading an earlier story I wrote about Lizzy Seeberg to say that two of the same young men accused in the case Anson wrote about, along with a third man, were caught in the act of raping her in her dorm room two years after the original case.

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Meanwhile, the Eugene police said they had conducted an investigation into alleged sexual assaults and burglaries by Oregon players and had talked to a number of women who said they were rape victims.

The grand jury returned no bills of indictment on three separate charges against Clemson tailback Kenny Flowers and defensive back A. Johnson and former players Duke Holloman and Craig Crawford.

The three charges were criminal sexual assault, kidnapping and larceny.

Outcome: The coach of the Ducks at the time, Rich Brooks, allowed Robertson to play even after he was indicted.

Brooks said, “He is one of the finest young men I’ve ever met and I believe he’s innocent. Ward “transferred to the University of Colorado after being declared ineligible at Oregon for the 1980 season for alleged misuse of a secret University of Oregon travel fund.” October 2015: Susan Elizabeth Shepard wrote a great, comprehensive piece for SB Nation about this case, “The State v. In an article yesterday, The Miami Herald said that a former Florida player, Larry Douglas, apparently received free legal advice last fall from a Gainesville lawyer, Leonard Ireland, after Douglas had been charged with sexual assault against a Florida coed.

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