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1890-1898 – The founding of the national chiefs of police union in 1893 led to the formation of a national bureau of criminal identification and a publication called the Detective from 1898.

August 1814 British troops entered the city and set it alight. He experienced his first vision, in which he was visited in person by God, the eternal father, and his son Jesus Christ. During his early life he moved with his family to Manchester in western New York. 23 December 1805 – Joseph Smith jun was born in Sharon Windsor county Vermont. Through him the church of Jesus Christ would be restored to the earth. 1831-1833 – Two French aristocrats went to Newport Rhode island in 1831. Pictures of some of the Andersonville prisoners during the American civil war, in camps, starved skeletons bearly alive.13,000 of 45,000 prisoners died. Equitable life assurance building in New York city. The tallest building on earth was now in in the US. – Late 1860s the world's first skyscaper in the US. In 1871 the US overtook the UK as the largest economy on earth. Descendants of 480,000 African American slaves who registered at 37 freeman’s banks after the civil war.

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