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Christy has 20 years experience in teaching figure skaters and hockey players the fundamentals.

As the Director of the Learn to Skate Program and a senior skating coach she has helped many young skaters gain a solid foundation of the sport that carried them through their skating careers.

"Then she would go to sleep for 17 or 20 hours and refuse to go back there.

Although Rachel wouldn't share her grief, "a mother knows when something was wrong.""I don't feel safe going anywhere," Rachel said.

Christy teaches in a fun, relaxed manner which creates a true progression based program enabling improved skating skills.The controversy developed — according to Peters — when a Thorne guidance counselor said Rachel would be required to return to school next month as Brian and the school district would not make accommodations for her.Rachel remained deeply isolated from the rest of the student body but still, her mother said, the children would bully her because she was so quiet."She would get off the bus and just cry," Peters said in an interview last week.Middletown is located on Sany Hook Bay in east central New Jersey.It is 30 miles south of Elizabeth and 85 miles north of downtown Atlantic City.

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