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By the time the priest had finished "grooming" him, Dougherty was allowed to "drive" the priest's car.Koharchik would sit the boy close to him -- or on his lap -- and give him control of the steering wheel.One week after speaking with detectives, Dougherty was contacted and told the information was being turned over to the state.

The torment and the pain are just beneath the surface, though. The bill - which sailed out of the House in April by a 180-15 vote - passed the Senate last week, but only after being stripped of the retroactive measure that would have allowed Dougherty to seek legal recourse against Koharchik. He said the church, and its powerful legislative arm, the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference, have the ear of lawmakers in the General Assembly .

"At that time those accusations had just been presented.

It was not like an old case that was being reviewed," Tony De Gol, the spokesman for the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown said.

The molestation continued, Dougherty said, until he turned 13.

Credit: Submitted That's where Dougherty, then an altar boy, attended school and Mass with his parents.

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