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Before all of the troubled occurred in Charlie Sheen’s personal life, (he was always winning!

) the actor was the star of the famous sitcom, Two and a Half Men (TAAHM).

Denise Richards is an actress and a former fashion model.

She was famously married to Charlie Sheen until the couple divorced in 2006.

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Even though there was controversy surrounding TAAHM, the show was extremely successful and ran for 12 seasons.Throughout every season of the show, (until he was killed off) Charlie Harper and the other male characters went through several girlfriends and romantic flings.While Alan and Walden (Kutcher’s character) both had their share of dates, Charlie had the most by far.begin Charlie took an interest in Mia but she was not into going out with him until Charlie mentioned that his nephew, Jake, liked dancing.Mia was a dance teacher so she agreed to start a relationship with Charlie as long as he stopped drinking, smoking, and promised to become a vegetarian.

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