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To save parents having to read through 244 pages, CLC has posted a detailed summary with some excerpts of the more controversial elements in the new curriculum. It's important to consider the fact that this curriculum was also written under the direction of a confessed child sex predator, Mr. He was the Deputy Education Minister at the time, serving under then Education Minister Kathleen Wynne.Graphic testimony from his trial revealed how grotesque was his perverted attraction to children.OECTA is also fully in support of the gay pride clubs known as GSAs being in Catholic schools.The new Sex-Ed document is clearly a more extreme document than it's original 2010 incarnation.In fact, the words "love" and "marriage" never appear once in the sex-education strand of the curriculum. Does that reveal the mindset of its writers, if not the philosophical underpinnings of the curriculum itself?

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That doubt is heightened by the knowledge that the board of ICE includes two member from OECTA, the same "catholic" teachers union which marched in the homosexual pride parade this past summer.

Yet our Liberal Premier says Catholics are expected to teach it nonetheless.

The 2015 curriculum adds a brand new reference to "reproductive health", which is a known euphemism that public health authorities and Planned Parenthood use to mean abortion.

She even held a farcical "public consultation" in which hand-picked parents were invited to give feedback on the curriculum - without actually being allowed to see the "new" curriculum.

Months of parental protests against the curriculum, across the province, have ensued.

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