Stopdatingnow com pleasure p dating eddie murphy daughter

If anything I was drawn to the fact that he has a child that he is raising that is not his own, he has extreme compassion towards children and if anything that is something very attractive.I would personally rather date someone with kids than without, because ultimately they will have that understanding that children come first and that we can't just always pick up and go.I sincerely hope to have an intact family unit, that is one of my fervent dreams.

If she's a bad parent, I don't want the resulting behavioral problems from that home coming in to my home.

I don't believe in "there's only one person for everyone"... I had a lot of respect for this guy the whole time i dated a dedicated father, that's one of the many reasons why i fell in love with him but anyways, that relationship is over and done with.. As someone else mentioned - I have no interest in dealing with ex-wives and custody woes. I'd also rather not for a lot of the reasons already mentioned.

there's lots of fish in the sea and it's early in the day yet, there's still lots of good fishing time left! Also, if and when I have a child, I want that to be the most incredible, spectacular, breath-taking event of my child's father's life. I'm not interested in having to deal with crazy ex's, not being able to say anything to the kid if he/she's being a little hellion, dealing with the possibility of the kid intentionally making my life miserable because he/she thinks I'm trying to take his/her mom's place, not having it be as special to him as it is to me if and when we got married and had a kid of our own, and so on and so on...

When I get pregnant, I don't want to hear stuff like "well my ex didn't experience that"... The birth of my first child is going to be one of the most special days of my life, a "first" for me and i want to share that "first" with my spouse, I don't want to hear "well when so and so was born "....

Finally, research shows that stepchildren do not accept a stepmother as readily as a stepfather and i've seen it over and over again (yes there are exceptions), and having step-parents myself, I can relate to this, and I just know that i'll never love your children as much as i'll love my own, as my step-parents never loved me as much as their own and this can be problematic (Don't get me wrong, they still loved me as I would love another child if this situation should happen to me, the key words are "as much as").

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