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With the reopening of the South course by Rees Jones and its Linksoul Lab pro shop, a brighter future is in store for the 45-hole municipal facility in between the Oakland Airport and the San Francisco Bay.

At one time, there was talk of shrinking Corica Park to just one regulation course.

Thinking that I was being respectful, I often kept my thoughts to myself if they differed from other’s opinions to avoid confrontational discussions that eventually lead to arguments. I now know that while respect is still important to give to people of all ages, it should be showered over my elders.

Respect is a statement that we can wear on our sleeve; if we see someone else wearing the same ‘clothing’ as ourselves, we know that they will give back the respect which we give to them., they live their lives as Americans do except for occasionally speaking in their native tongue.

The rest of the year, recreational golfers of all skill levels can play where the pros play for about , and it's worth every dime (and then some).

With apologies to Colorado, Lake Tahoe stakes a strong claim as America's best mountain golf destination in summer.

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