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Beyond a rich collection of ancient and medieval artifacts and the ruins of various buildings and structures, unique remains of prehistoric animals and humans have been unearthed.Some of the animal bones were identified by the Georgian paleontologist A.A wide range of bespoke solutions can be deployed to meet these requirements.From whitepapers to live events, we adapt to the client needs and produce powerful tools for large scale lead generation projects (partner-zone, mini-site, etc).TBC Bank entered the lucrative microfinance segment by acquiring an 80% equity interest in Bank Constanta, one of the leading microfinance institutions (MFIs) on the Georgian market.Later in 2014 TBC Bank ownership reached 100% of Bank Constanta.Vekua with the teeth of the extinct rhino Dicerorhinus etruscus etruscus in 1983.This species dates back presumably to the early Pleistocene epoch.

The hominin site is dated to 1.8 million years ago.

The Turco-Mongol armies under Timur laid waste to the town in the 14th century.

Sacked again by the Turkomans in 1486, Dmanisi never recovered and declined to a scarcely inhabited village by the 18th century.

The town of Dmanisi is first mentioned in the 9th century as a possession of the Arab emirate of Tbilisi, though the area had been settled since the Early Bronze Age.

An Orthodox Christian cathedral – “Dmansis Sioni” – was built there in the 6th century.

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