The life cycle of a relationship dating tamil singles dating

It is this repeating, endlessly frustrating pattern which should confirm to you that you are involved with a Borderline Personality Disorder.No matter how effective you are at helping her, nothing is ever enough.This pattern may take months or even years to evolve.The phases are typically not completely successive -- there are typically cycles of forward and backward movement between phases.Her intense interest in you will subtly transform over time.

It is like you are a Coast Guard cutter and she is a drowning woman-- but she drowns in a peculiar way.

It is this intense way she has of bearing down on you emotionally that can feel very seductive.

You will feel elevated, adored, idealized - almost worshipped, maybe even to the level of being uncomfortable -- and you will feel that way quickly.

It may seem like a great deal has happened between the two of you in a short period of time as the conversation is intense, and her attention, and her eyes are always so deeply focused on you.

Here is a woman who may look like a dream come true.

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