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One would have to agree at this point that these guys have definitely gone completely cock and ass crazy!‘Boat people’ are asylum seekers who arrive by boat, without a valid visa or any other appropriate authorisation. The position of asylum-seekers may thus differ fundamentally from that of ordinary migrants in that they may not be in a position to comply with the legal formalities for entry.We signed an international law called the Refugee Convention. According to the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection, in 2012-13, 25,091 asylum seekers arrived by boat, more than 8,308 arrived by plane, 2,813 visa overstayers were detected, 2,328 immigration clearances were refused at air and seaports, and 15,077 other ‘unlawful non-citizens were discovered in the community. Since 2003, only 42% of all asylum seekers have arrived by boat.And according to the Advertiser, that doesn’t even include all the illegals who fly in and are caught in the first two weeks. But as you can see below, the number of boat arrivals tend to go up and down. Plus, they can immediately apply for a protection visa, and are typically given a bridging visa while their application is processed.In other words, history tells us it will go down again after the current spike. Boat people, on the other hand, are immediately moved to a detention centre, and they can’t immediately apply for a protection visa.Instead, they’re screened into a refugee status determination process to determine whether they’ll be allowed to apply.

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According to the Department of Immigration and Border Control, since 2008, 92% of all considered asylum cases relating to people arriving by boat were granted (p.30). Australia does it to share the refugee load with other countries.We would all be straight up lying if we said we didn’t judge people based on their online personae.And the first thing you read about a person online: their name or chosen handle.They’re seeking protection (asylum) because they fear persecution in/from the home country (torture, murder, illegal imprisonment, etc.). They may, for example, be unable to obtain the necessary documentation in advance of their flight because of their fear of persecution and/or the urgency of their departure. Under Article 14 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Every person has the right to seek and enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution, serious human rights violations and other serious harm. In exercising the right to seek asylum, asylum-seekers are often forced to arrive at, or enter, a territory without prior authorisation.

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