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So you think to yourself, "Hey, maybe I can capture more links and more link diversity by having more slightly different websites.

I want to keep my main site all about one particular topic or one particular niche of that topic, and I want to have these other niche sites that maybe I have some great domain names in my portfolio or some really brandable ones.

Should I put it on the other website and use a 301 to redirect it, or should I use a cross-domain rel=canonical to say the old page is now the new page?

" Well, actually this is one where, from a technical perspective, the engines are doing a pretty darn solid job. We've seen Bing make strides here with cross-domain rel=canonical. I haven't tested them as intensely though recently.

But folks have more questions when it comes to cross-domain rel=canonicals and content that perhaps they own because they own multiple websites, or they have licensing agreements across those, or they have business development or partnerships, those kind of things.

You don't need to get your engineering staff or development staff involved in putting those on there. Now engines may indeed consider content that's on this separate subdomain to be the same as the content that's on here, and so all of the links, all of the user and usage data signals, all of the ranking signals as an entirety that point here may benefit this site as well as benefiting this subdomain.Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday.This week we're going to chat about structuring content, placing content, and placing links, specifically with regards to some things that have come up over and over again in the SEO world, but still seem to be a challenge for many of us who play in the field.Then the last issue I'll cover today are around some of this content and link optimization stuff is: What if you've got multiple websites all linking back to your main site, and you're wondering does that or would that help my SEO?I can't tell you how many folks, surprisingly even folks who are very savvy, who have done lots of other stuff in the technical and web development worlds, are thinking about this from a SEO perspective. Basically, you have this understanding that more links is a good thing and that more link diversity is a good thing.

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