Updating bios using asus ez flash 2

To properly remove CAP file header, open the file with UEFITool, select "AMI Aptio capsule" (root element of items tree), press right mouse button, select "Extract body..." and save the [email protected] Code Rush: Thanks for your comment.

I didn't kow, that the ASRock BIOS capsule header may have different sizes.

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then i pull the bios and sue ubu to see if the modules are updated.This BIOS file type is not capsuled and usually not write protected. That is why it should be no problem to get an accurately modded BIOS flashed into the BIOS chip by using the ASUS standard tool named "EZ Flash".The normal procedure to flash an AMI UEFI BIOS into the BIOS chip of an ASRock mainboard is to copy the BIOS onto a FAT32 formatted USB Flash drive, to enter the BIOS, to navigate to the "Tools" section and to choose the "Instant Flash" option.The problem will be to keep the mirror link up-to-date.Maybe you can give me an info or just post here, when you have released a new UEFITool [email protected], you can link it directly, if you wish. There are nothing that required admin rights and BIOS file can be opened by dragging it onto file, so the first half can be simplified.

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