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You can’t put latex paint over oil-based, but not many people use oil based paints anymore.

The latex paints now are so hard and durable, there’s no need to use oil for much anymore. I took off all the doorknobs and hardware (except the hinges) and painted two coats on both sides of the doors. Then I changed out the hinges to aged bronze as well. We chose the Andover Knob with Addison trim from Schlage for all our interior doors.

And here’s the back door going out to the deck with the new hardware and deadbolt installed.

Again, I’ll change out these exterior door hinges when they come in. I noticed after I took this pic that the backplate was a little crooked, but I fixed it.

These are easy to install once you get the hang of them. To install the doorknobs, you have to take off the knob part and that’s where the screws go in.

I did them all, with a little help from Mark on how to get the knobs off. There’s a little pin included in the box that you can use to pop the doorknob off, then once it’s screwed in place, the doorknob pops back on.

If you have any oil based paint on your doors, that’s when you have to prime if you are planning to use latex/water-based over that.We just love this color and how well it flows throughout the house with all of our furnishings.We could have gone with other colors, including gray or taupe, but this soft gray/green/blue shade of Oyster Bay is so soothing and calming and a perfect backdrop to our house.It’s fun to add a different color inside, since you see the back of your front door all the time.We still have to get the front door handleset installed, but will do that soon.

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