Updating library card

If you update your address your account will be under review.Several months ago I wrote a very detailed post on how I’ve been updating firmware for my Lumix cameras and lenses. I was going to take it down and replace it with this new updated information but I’ve decided to just add this to the top of the original post so comments can be retained. Drag the file from the opened folder to the device that either says Panasonic or mass storage to complete the transfer. “SDXC cards, 32GB or larger, require special card readers. The current update process is not easy, and I’ve explained this to the Panasonic folks more than once.However, these changes do not initiate an account renewal.Accounts can also be renewed in person at any library branch or by calling the library information number at: 831-427-7713. Had this been the only email I’ve ever received on the pain Lumix users feel when firmware updates are released, I wouldn’t even be writing this post. This Blog post was inspired by a recent email I received that I’m sharing below.

If you made changes to your account, the changes including the expiration date will be updated within 24 hours.

To renew your card, please visit any branch of NYPL with your library card, proof of identity and proof of your current home address—the process takes only a minute. Learn about renewing library cards and view a list of accepted documentation.

Cardholders from areas of New York State outside of New York City may email scans or copies of the required forms of identification to [email protected]

Complete this form to request an update to your library card. Go to My Settings.) Updates take up to 48 hours to process. Call us at (312) 747-4300 whenever the Harold Washington Library Center is open.) Please bring ID with your name and current address on your next visit to the library.

Please note: The current process for renewing your library card online has many steps and is not intuitive. If you update your telephone number or email the update goes into effect immediately.

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