Updating satellite receiver firmware

Garmin receivers are known to work with Serial to USB adapters and serial ports attached via the pcmcia (pc card) adapter.

The National Marine Electronics Association has developed a specification that defines the interface between various marine electronic equipment.

- Reset after changing [Latency] into another value once from the "Device Config" tab of the "Device View" window of Dante Controller.

All Garmin gps receivers support a computer interface.

For details on the Firmware set, refer to the release notes for each firmware.

Caution after updating When using Dante Firmware of a version earlier than V3.8.0.24 - - 1.2.2, and Dante Latency is set to less than 1 msec, if the Dante Firmware is updated, the sound may be distorted.

All of the standard sentences have a two letter prefix that defines the device that uses that sentence type. This is followed by a three letter sequence that defines the sentence contents.

- Reset after changing [Latency] into another value once from the "Dante Information" dialog box of MTX-MRX Editor.

The standard permits marine electronics to send information to computers and to other marine equipment.

GPS receiver communication is defined within this specification.

The hardware interface for Garmin units meets the NMEA requirements and is sufficient to drive 3 NMEA loads.

It is also compatible with most computer serial ports using RS232 protocols.

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